Flagstaff - The city is very anti-RV. Signs in every parking lot inform visitors that overnight parking is prohibited. This includes the Elks lodge. On one visit to Flagstaff, we parked at the outside edge of a shopping center parking lot while we picked up some items, in mid-day. I also received permission from the store manager to remain parked there long enough to eat lunch in a restaurant in the same shopping center. When we left the store, a policeman was knocking on the bus door. I asked him what he needed, and he said no overnight parking was permitted. I said I knew that, and that we were just doing some shopping and would be far down the highway by night. We went inside the restaurant, and before our meal was finished, I noticed another police car in front of the bus. I returned to the bus, and a different police officer said we had to move along, there was no overnight parking allowed. I pointed out to him that it was the middle of the day, that we were eating lunch in a restaurant in the shopping center, that we had permission to park, and that we would leave as soon as we had finished our meal. He said "Just be sure that you do. No overnight parking is allowed for any reason." I wrote to Flagstaff 's mayor, telling him that we disagree with his city's ban on overnight parking, but harassing RVers park in town on legitimate business during daylight hours was totally objectionable. I told him we do not get that treatment in Camp Verde, Cottonwood, or other nearby communities. His response was that Flagstaff is not Camp Verde or Cottonwood, and that maybe we should do business in those communities instead. No problem, we're happy to spend our money in towns that want us there.

Kingman - Kingman has No Overnight Parking signs in most major store parking lots, and the police are quick to tell RVers to move along after dark.

Tucson - Tucson is a popular destination with RVers, but do not try to dry camp overnight at any of the WalMarts in town. The police will make you leave.

Yuma - No overnight parking is allowed outside of campgrounds, and is strictly enforced.


Ventura - The city has an oversize vehicle ordinance and will cite an RV parked just about anywhere,


Gunnison - No overnight parking allowed, and the city discourages RVers from parking even during the daytime to see the sights unless they are in an RV park.


Newburyport - City ordinance prohibits overnight RV parking, forced Elks lodge to stop allowing members to park overnight.


Billings At the urging of a local campground owner, Billings banned overnight parking at WalMart and other business parking lots. Following an uproar from the RV community, they rescinded the ban and now allow parking for up to 10 hours. That is plenty of time to get some rest and go on down the road. However, the employees at almost every business we have ever patronized in Billings have been rude and unfriendly. We prefer to shop and dine where we are appreciated.

Missoula - The city bans overnight parking anywhere except in an established campground.


Reno: The city has an ordinance prohibiting RVers from spending the night anywhere but an RV park. While some casinos have allowed overnight parking, the city recently sent them letters informing them of the ordinance and telling them to stop the practice.


Seaside Signs all over town say no overnight parking, and the police will happily write tickets to RVers who do so.

Talant No overnight parking allowed and the rule is enforced by police.

South Dakota

Murdo - This report is from a trusted reader: "Murdo has one campground that is owned by a "prominent" resident.  None of the other businesses in town with enough room would allow us to dry camp overnight because the resident who owned the campground would get mad at them."

Spearfish At one time we listed the city park in Spearfish as allowing RVers to park overnight. I received a nasty letter from a city staff member demanding that we remove the listing, and that we tell our readers they are not welcome in Spearfish, and that there is no RV parking allowed anywhere except in a campground.


Mesquite - City ordinance prohibits parking any "oversize"  vehicle, including RVs, anywhere in the city. RVers with a medium duty truck (without trailer attached) were hassled while parked at a shopping mall.


Moab - No overnight RV parking allowed anywhere in city except in established RV parks.


Kennewick - City prohibits parking in WalMart and other business parking lots.


Ashland - No overnight parking allowed except in established campgrounds.
RV UN-Friendly Communities
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