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The Radio Campus.
Thank You, In advance for your assistance in supporting
The Non Profit Broadcast Workshop & Our Students
Our immediate needs:
$6500 on relative short order.
Mass price increases on just about everything, has left Radio Brandy cash strap,
for the first time in years!

Those who have supported us in the past, are no longer able to do so;
mainly do to layoffs, mass consolidation and retirement.

Rent for our facilities, has gone sharply north, while donations have gone south.

Radio Brandy, is also seeking equipment donations.
With the following items in great need:

Audio and video equipment, including cameras, CD/DVD duplicators,
VCR's 3/4", S-VHS, beta SP, editors, lighting. Mixers or consoles, reel to reel, cassette, turntables, microphones, speakers, racks and studio furniture.
Basically anything found in a recording studio, radio or television station.

Computers for office and student use, with a big need for notebooks
with wireless Internet capability: Macs or PC's with XP will help allot.
Software, including operating systems, word, paint, audio editing
that is no longer needed.

Office Equipment: Copiers, Fax Machines, chairs, desk, shelving for CD's etc.

Motor Home 20-35ft, in decent running order.  The motor home will be converted into a Mobile radio broadcast studio, with some video production capability.
Also a 25-30ft, trailer in decent condition for temporary living quarters, and taking students camping.

For those in Southern California.
We have a drop off location for equipment etc. in northern Los Angeles County,
Radio Brandy is seeking to build three studios, at relatively low cost. This will greatly assist students transition into studios, more commonly used in todays radio stations.
Including music play out and automation systems.
A list of equipment for the modest studio, will be posted here soon.

There are two ways to help with the new studios.
Sponsor the entire studio equipment purchase, or if you would like; sponsor a new individual item, such as the console, mics, computer playout, cd players etc.

Each studio will have a donation plaque by the door, which can be in your name, or in memory of: A friend or family member.

We want the students to know, allot of folks are supporting their efforts and goals.

Equipment donated is considered a cherished gift, and never sold. The equipment given to us five years ago is still in use, serving the students everyday, the best it can in the Hays studio, named after the donor.
One question asked in an e-mail;
Was if gift cards would be useful to the students?

By all means yes, and a great ideal!

The main stores near by the the campus are Wal-Mart & Target.
We will keep you updated, on our progress towards
reaching our goals right here: Including photos of the equipment as it arrives, and put to good use.
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For our shipping/mailing address, just e-mail us.
In the subject line; so we can sort you out
of the Spam pile.